Improving Quality of Life Through Assisted Mobility


Physical and Occupational Therapist, Adult
or Pediatric Therapy


The Wingman Harness was born out of a desire to improve the lives of those
with movement related disabilities. And after development, testing, and
clinical trials, we know it does. The Wingman is made to help all ranges of
people with disabilities of movement improve their lives through increased
mobility, support, and posture via therapy at the clinic, at school, and
from in-home use. 

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Wingman Harness (Large)

Large Wingman Multi-Sport Regular (Ages 10 and up)

The Wingman Harness provides therapy grade safety and security for in home and in office therapy. The Wingman is the standard for therapy and caregiver use. Get yours today.

Wingman Harness (Small)

Small Wingman Multi-Sport (Fits Ages 2-10 in medical setting, ages 3-10 in non-medical setting)

The Wingman Harness provides therapy grade safety and security for in home and in office therapy. The Wingman is the standard for therapy and caregiver use. Get yours today.


Adjustable Harness

The adjustable straps on the Wingman Harness allow it to be tailored to fit the wearer specifically. Every person and their physical therapy needs are unique. Their harness should be able to provide the safety and security they need, tailored for them. and the Wingman can!


Strap Connectors

The straps on your Wingman Harness include clips to ensure that the straps themselves to not become an impediment to use. Through constant review and iteration we have meticulously gone over every detail of the Wingman Harness to ensure that it is as useful and successful for you as it was for us. 



The Wingman Harness is constructed from military grade materials. The back plate and vertical handle provide the ergonomic support needed for the wearer to receive healthy, safe, therapy. And, for the therapist or parent to be able to provide support in an ergonomic and safe way for their own bodies.


Ceiling Strap

The optional ceiling strap allows the Wingman Harness to be worn during treadmill or tracked physical therapy. Adding another layer of functionality to an already stellar product. 


Top Notch Components

The Wingman Harness is constructed in the USA of military grade components by military gear manufacturers. It has to be high quality, so there are no corners cut when it comes the the safety and security of the wearer. The harness was made for and used for adults and children with special needs, including the founders daughter.


Uses of the Wingman Harness

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Physical and Occupational therapists, both adult and pediatric, and
parents, trust the Wingman Harness to provide variable truncal support for their patients and children for gait training, treadmill training, seating support, hippotherapy, and assistance with general ambulation.


Recreational Sports Training

The Wingman Harness is ideally suited for teaching individual sports such as biking, skate boarding, roller skating, in-line skating, ice skating, hockey, and skiing.

Professional Level Sports Training

Exercise enthusiasts, Professional and Olympic level trainers trust the Wingman Harness to provide a comfortable and adjustable harness for use in exercises such as speed and resistance training, sled training (does not pull the torso backward during training), weighted pull-ups, assisted push-ups, and sit ups with resistance.


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We have lent the harness to several families from our Equipment Lending Library.
— Kathleen Ganley, PT
The Wingman has therapeutic value and has increased safety in our hippotherapy program!
— Marge Cheesman, COTA/L