The Wingman Harness was designed by our physician for his daughter.  His daughter experiences mobility issues which her twin brother does not have.  When she was young she had functional needs which were not addressed in traditional therapy so her father designed a solution.  As both a pediatric physician and a military officer,  he got out a sewing kit and started building the harness.  He continued to improve the design and sew new harnesses to get it right.  Driven by his passion as a father and his unique expertise in both pediatric medicine and parachute webbing the Wingman Harness was born.

The family took the harness to a large Children’s Hospital in the Midwest.  The hospital encouraged the family to make more harnesses and get them on the market so other people could benefit.  Through trade shows the harness has reached hundreds therapists as well as a few flagship hospitals. One experienced therapist asked our physician  "Where has this harness been for the last 30 years?"   The Wingman has gone through the FDA approval process; and now is it eligible for insurance reimbursement for the end user.  The harness is made in the USA by a specialty manufacture with expertise in military equipment. This is certainly not the cheapest way to build it, but quality is important and we think this is the best.  We hope you enjoy the Wingman Harness and it is a valuable to your family has is has been to ours.