The Wingman is a novel gait training system that allows patients with different levels of motor function and motor ability to learn to stand, walk and transfer more independently. The Wingman makes it possible for patients do to more challenging tasks in physical therapy and in a home exercise program that they would otherwise be able to safely do.
— Janice Brunstrom-Hernandez M.D. Pediatric Neurologist, Cerebral Palsy Specialist
The key to gaining independent ambulation is practice. This gait trainer has high compliance when used with families and allows daily, repetitive practice of skills.
— Courtney Dunn, PT, DPT
The Wingman is a much needed piece of equipment that helps fill several gaps.
— Janine Halayko, PT, MScRS, BScPT Physiotherapist
The Wingman has therapeutic value and has increased safety in our hippotherapy program!
— Marge Cheesman, COTA/L