Uses of the Wingman Harness

Physical and Occupational Therapy

(Perfect for home or office based therapy)

Physical and Occupational therapists, both adult and pediatric, and
parents, trust the Wingman Harness to provide variable truncal support for their patients and children for gait training, treadmill training, seating support, hippotherapy, and assistance with general ambulation.



The Wingman Harness is ideally suited for Hippotherapy.  The Wingman Harness encourages correct posture and head control on the horse during therapy.  The Wingman Harness also allows variable holding/support options for the therapist during therapy.  

Gait Training

The Wingman Harness is excellent for gait training.  It encourages a more natural upright posture, extension of the hip flexors, and engagement of the core muscles.   The Wingman Harness also allows a more natural use of the upper extremities and head control also required for a more natural gait experience.  While gait training the Wingman Harness helps prevent falls and injury.  When combined with a treadmill at the home, the Wingman Harness can provide a valuable home therapy experience  to greatly augment the traditional therapy received in the office.  Parents can also encourage gait training activities in normal daily activities.


Fall Prevention

The Wingman Harness is ideal for fall prevention during therapy or daily activities.  It provides secure and adjustable support of adults or children that may require additional support during various activities.  It is easily portable so can easily travel with the caregiver and the user.  Also ideal for transfer of patients from one location to another.

FDA cleared and available with a prescription using DME code E0700.